Wharton Fair Fund holds an Annual 52-Week Gun Raffle Drawing starting and ending on the last Monday in January. Tickets are $100 each and a Maximum of 500 tickets are sold to improve the odds. Winning Tickets are put back into the pot for more chances to win. If you win a gun that you do not wish to have- the value of that winning gun can be used as an in-store credit at Carroll's Gun Shop in Wharton, Tx.

Sales for the 2014 Gun Raffle is complete.

Below is the list of 2014 Gun Raffle Winners as they are drawn every Monday until January 19, 2015. Good Luck!

Week #1 (01/27/2014)- ​Albert Smaistrla of East Bernard

Week #2 (02/03/2014)- ​Chris Vasek of Wadsworth

Week #3 (02/10/2014)-  Roger Schneider of Palacios

Week #4 (02/17/2014)- ​  Mike Holub of El Campo

Week #5 (02/24/2014)-   Serena Goetsch of El Campo

Week #6 (03/07/2014)-  ​ Ron Koether of Boling

Week #8 (03/17/2014)-   Tommy Thomas of Wharton

Week #7 (03/10/2014)-   Tommy Thomas of Wharton

Week #9 (03/24/2014)-   Thomas Richter of Crosby

Week #10 (03/31/2014)-  Pete Serrtuche of Lake Jackson

Week #11 (04/07/2014)- Tracy Kowalik of Wharton

Week #12 (04/14/2014)-  Jeff Jones of Victoria

Week #13 (04/21/2014)-  Jimmy Armstrong of Danbury

Week #14 (04/28/2014)- Chuck Shipman of Lake Jackson

Week #15 (05/05/2014)-  Greg Tompkins of Boling

Week #16 (05/12/2014)-  Krystal Treybig of Orchard

​Week #17 (05/19/2014)-  Jeff Henderson of Richmond

Week #18 (05/27/2014)-  Stormy Starks of Wharton

Week #19 (06/02/2014)-  Richard Littlefield of New Ulm

Week #20 (06/09/2014)- Greg Cox of Port Lavaca

Week #21 (06/16/2014)-  Darrell Nohavitza of El Campo

Week #22 (06/23/2014)-  Travis MacDonald of Boling

Week #23 (06/30/2014)-  Val Chavez of Palacios

Week #24 (07/07/2014)-  Ron Koenig of Wharton

Week #25 (07/14/2014)-   James Cox of Sweeny